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Personal Information

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Conference Fee

Early Bird Registration (until January 7th)

Student Status Members of supporting institutions1 Non-Members

PhD students3


Regular Registration (until February 9th)

Student Status Members of supporting institutions1 Non-Members

PhD students3


1 Gesellschaft für Informatik and Gesellschaft für Kognitionswissenschaft.
2 Students below the age of 28. Please send a proof of your student status to
3 PhD students with part-time contracts.


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Payment Type

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Credit card payment form

My credit card will be charged with the amount of ____ EUR, which consists of my conference fee ( EUR), my accommodation fee (____ EUR), and a 5% handling fee (____ EUR) for credit card payment.

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Dietary Restrictions

Course Preferences

Please list the codes of courses which you would like to visit. We will try to adjust the schedule to enable you to visit as many as possible.

Stipend application

Participants lacking financial support can apply for a scholarship. We provide two kinds of scholarships:

  1. Partial scholarships, covering the conference fee, up to the respective amount for early bird fees for members of supporting organizations,
  2. Full scholarships, covering both the conference fee (early bird fees for members of supporting organizations) and accommodation in a triple room with full board. Full scholarships are only available for students with an orientation towards artificial cognitive systems. Please specify under „My motivation…“.

Please note:

  • Stipend application deadline is December 31st.
  • All IK fees are to be paid in advance. Scholarships will be reimbursed in cash during the IK. Depending on our financial scope, we might be able to exempt some stipend recipients from paying the fees in advance if needed. Please explicitly state, if this applies to you, under „My motivation…“.
  • Only applications which are accurate and complete shall be considered. We might ask for documents as proof. All information will be kept strictly confidential and used for the selection process only.
  • If you have any questions about the application process, please contact


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Contribution to IK

Do you plan to contribute to IK by submitting a …?

Sunshines are volunteers who assist one particular lecturer by preparing the room and technical equipment. In case you volunteer as a Sunshine, you will receive detailed instructions at the beginning of the IK. We strongly encourage you to volunteer and state which lecturers you would like to assist. We will try to consider your first choice, but allocate Sunshines on a first come, first served basis. So please name three lecturers below (you can find a full list of the courses and lecturer names on the Program page).

My motivation to participate in the IK (maximum 1500 characters, including whitespaces)

Financial Context

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