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Interdisciplinary College 2023
Dynamics of Experience – Minds, Bodies, and Things

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The IK 2023 is aimed to explore how experience emerges from dynamic processes of bodies, minds, and things. The focus is on the role that physical interaction plays for cognition. 

a) How do sensorimotor capacities and the experience of one’s own body develop and enable agents to engage with the world?

b) How do cognitive competences and experience emerge in neural systems that are linked to the sensorimotor surfaces and are embedded in the world?

c) How do humans actively structure their environment to enable particular forms of experience and processes of meaning-making, e.g. in educational and artistic settings, but also in the way technological artefacts are integrated into our world?

Scientific Chairs

Logo & Poster Art: Kayson Fakhar

The IK is hosted by the Artificial Intelligence Section of the Gesellschaft für Informatik (German Informatics Society)

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Supporting Institutions

We are proud to be supported by the Volkswagen Foundation.

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We are also grateful for additional support by the German Society for Cognitive Science.

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