Interdisciplinary College

Interdisciplinary College 2025
Augmenting Minds and Bodies
March 14-21, 2025

IK 2025 – Augmenting Minds and Bodies

In a swiftly evolving world, the boundaries of systems are being pushed beyond their original limits. A process increasingly accelerated by technological advancements, especially artificial intelligence and machine learning. From integrating prosthetic limbs to leveraging AI for educational enhancement, we augment our bodies and minds everyday. Moreover, artificial intelligence systems themselves are evolving, adapting to new data sets, environments, and challenges. This fusion of technology with biology, cognition, and society calls for a multidisciplinary approach to both understand and shape the expansion of our mind and bodies in the future.The focus theme “Augmenting minds and bodies” encompasses three focus areas:

  • Augmenting bodies: Focus on prosthetics, biomedical signal analysis, and adaptability of neural systems
  • Augmenting minds: Exploring the use of AI in education, developmental psychology, and approaches to trauma.
  • Augmenting artificial intelligence systems: Investigating online & continuous learning, transfer learning, and few-shot learning.

We invite students, researchers, and all those intrigued by the potential of such advancements  to join us in Günne at Lake Möhne to learn and discuss how to augment bodies, minds, and systems.

Scientific Chairs

  • Benjamin Paaßen (Bielefeld University / German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence)
  • Cosima Prahm (BG Clinic Tübingen / University of Tübingen)
  • Terrence C. Stewart (National Research Council of Canada / University of Waterloo Collaboration Centre)

The IK is hosted by the Artificial Intelligence Section of the Gesellschaft für Informatik (German Informatics Society)

Logo of the Artificial Intelligence Section of the German Informatics Society

Supporting Institutions

We are proud to be supported by the Klaus Tschira Foundation.

We are also grateful for additional support by the German Society for Cognitive Science.

Logo of the German Society for Cognitive Science (GK)