The IK is hosted by the Artificial Intelligence Section of the Gesellschaft für Informatik (German Informatics Society)

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We are proud to be supported by the Klaus Tschira Foundation.

We are also grateful for additional support by the German Society for Cognitive Science.

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Travel Grants

Many universities and institutions offer support for conference travel by their members, especially if a poster is presented. We especially wish to highlight Travel Grants by the AI section of the German Computer Science Society.

ECTS credit points for IK participation

One week of IK participation represents one very intense week of interdisciplinary academic training on a mostly graduate level. Some universities have acknowledged this academic substance by awarding ECTS credit points for attending students. It lies in the discretion of the student’s home university how many credit points are given, and what students are eligible (e.g., graduate and/or undergraduate, or only for students enrolled in academic programs related to the IK themes). As of August 2015, the following institutions grant 2 to 4 ECTS credit points for IK participations:

  • University of Köln
  • University of Osnabrück
  • Jacobs University Bremen
  • University of Vienna
  • University of Tübingen (Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience)
  • University of Oldenburg (students of the master programs MSc Neurocognitive Psychology and MSc Neuroscience get 3 ECTS)       
  • University College of Freiburg (2 Credit Points; contact person is Simon Büchner)
  • Ruhr-University of Bochum (MSc Cognitive Science)

Note that specific regulations apply at these institutions, e.g. ECTS credits may be acknowledged only for specific study programs or after an application of the student to the institution. Please contact your institution to verify conditions; we only provide a certificate of participation.

The organizers of the IK encourage student participants to approach the academic offices of their home institutions and suggest to them to give ECTS credits for an IK participation. An information package and support in approaching university officials can be requested from Herbert Jaeger.