Keynote Lecture 3 – Discussion Rounds

Originally, this slot was intended to host a keynote lecture by Georg von Wichert. Unfortunately, this had to be cancelled. Instead, we offer:

Lecture Hall 2 – Small discussion rounds on the current war situation

Lecturers: Ihor Arkhypchuk & Jutta Kretzberg

After two years of pandemic, the world faces a new challenge, the war in Ukraine. Many of us feel helpless in view of the shocking news of millions of people suffering. In this meeting, we want to provide a forum to the IK participants for speaking in small groups about our personal perspectives on the current situation: How do I feel in this situation and what is my way of coping with it? What can I do to improve the situation for myself or / and for other people?
In this way, we hope to encourage the IK participants to think about their own ways out of that paralyzing feeling of helplessness.
To get the discussion started, Ihor will share his perspective of a Ukrainian student in Germany and give some practical advice on how to welcome refugees from his country.

Lecture Hall 3 – Artificial Intelligence in Education

Lecturer: Benjamin Paaßen

Teachers are notoriously overworked and yet are confronted with ever higher demands. To support teachers, AI researchers have tried to automate parts of the teaching process for 40 years now. Yet, education remains a challenging application domain for AI. I will provide a brief overview over the vision of AI in education, introduce some of the typical tools, and provide some insight on the practical and ethical challenges. Then, I want to open the floor to discussion, e.g. with respect to the following questions:

  • Do you think AI could/should be applied in your own educational context?
  • What are the practical and ethical challenges to achieve high-quality AI systems for education?
  • In which direction should AI in education research go in the future?