RC4 – VR as a tool

Lecturer: Tobias Wüstefeld
Fields: Design / Psychology


New Tools are revolutionizing the way designers work in 3D. And no tool can be neutral. With this new ways of working, new ways of seeing and new styles will emerge. With VR (Virtual Reality), a new way of experimental approach comes into the workflow of designers.


Tobias Wüstefeld
Tobias Wüstefeld

Based in the German city of Hamburg, Tobias Wüstefeld is an illustrator who loves creating miniature worlds. Each has its own look, emotion and general atmosphere, and is full of detail for the viewer to inspect and engage with. He has done several Coverdesigns for Nature Magazine (Nature Methods, Nature Microbiology, Nature Cell Biology). For influences he looks well beyond the realms of art and illustration.

Homepage: tobiaswuestefeld.de