Industry Day 2021

Join us and meet the future of interdisciplinary AI!

Are you looking for talented people to join your team? 

Do you want to connect with the leading researchers in AI and adjacent areas? 

Do you want to promote your new cutting-edge AI technology? 

Join the Industry Day on March 14 at our second and upgraded version of the virtual IK!

Who will be attending?

We expect over 200 participants from all over the world and 22 lecturers who are experts in their field. We cover participants in all stages of their career: students, PhD students, postdocs, professors and participants from industry.

What will the Industry Day look like?

It will take place on the third day of our conference. This is also the day of the poster session, our rainbow talks and our industry panel. Participants will present their research and projects in our virtual space and we will discuss AI in industry with our expert panel. This means that on this day participant activity and involvement will be particularly high!

On that day you will have the opportunity to present your company but more importantly the cool project you are working on to fellow experts and connect with future colleagues and business partners. Become part of our community! Chat about future employment opportunities, meet your future customers and learn a lot of new things!!

Which formats do you offer?

We will all meet in our — How appropriate! — very own cyberspace. Be creative: you will get your very own space in which you can present your company and projects as a video, a poster, through an elevator pitch or simply just be there for a Q&A. 

As a research community, we are genuinely interested in what you work on and not only in what your company does. Bring examples, show us, why we should work with you! Get feedback and enjoy becoming part of a conversation between academia and industry.

Come and talk to us about your ideas, we will try to make it happen!

What does it cost?

For only 100 Euros per person you can participate in the conference and introduce us to your projects and your company! You simply register as a participant and contact us via to talk about all the details.

Registration deadline to participate in our Industry Day is March 11th, 2021.